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OCC/SOD/Other Term Loans


Cash Credit limits are allowed for Working Capital needs of persons, Proprietary Firms, Partnership Firms, Companies dealing in the following THREE categories:

  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Service Oriented and Contract Works.


  • Limits up to Rs.2.00 Crores will be assessed based on the Turnover Method.
  • Limits above Rs.2.00 Crores will be assessed based on Inventory Method.

Working Capital Term Loan (Up to Rs.2.00 lakh only):

Where the applicant is not able to operate the a/c regularly, or in case the party wants to pay the loan in instalments the loan can be allowed by way of Working Capital Term Loan repayable in 36 Equated Monthly Installments. The norms mentioned in OCC, for the limits upto Rs.2.00 Lakhs are applicable. But submission of Stock Statements is on Quarterly basis.

  • For the limits exceeding Rs.10.00 lakhs or Annual Turnover/Sales exceeds Rs.40.00 lakhs, applicants should audit their books of accounts.

Due date: One Year from the date of sanction.